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10 Window And Wall Vinyl Facts That Can Help You Bring In More Customers

There are different ways to make your business stand out. From outdoor and indoor signs to window and wall vinyls and everything in between. Although many businesses tend to go for signage such as banners and Dibond signs, another cool way to make your shop stand out is to use cut out vinyls, printed vinyls or even etched vinyls. Our team at Dock Street Signs has put together a list of 10 window vinyl facts to help business owners understand more on how using vinyls can help with their marketing strategy.

  1. Vinyl is a plastic film with a self-adhesive backing and it comes in different colours and finishes such as gloss, transparent, matt, metallic and more. It can be used inside or outside and on any surface including walls, windows, cupboards, shop fronts etc.
  2. Vinyl normally lasts between 3 and 5 years depending on conditions. Their life span depends on if they’re used inside or outside, as well as extreme heat or cold or other weather conditions.
  3. Vinyl is cost effective and they can be bought in bulk or individually. Vinyl tends to also be cheaper than any other type of signage
  4. They can be customised by colour, design and size to fit any requirements.
  5. Using vinyl is a quick solution to your marketing strategy. Normal signage can take up to a few weeks to be produced, unlike vinyl, which can be ready in a couple of days.
  6. Window and wall vinyls are versatile which means they can be used for a variety of businesses from book shops and retail to coffee shops and more.
  7. They offer great visibility and that makes them very effective as part of a marketing strategy. Placement is key so make sure the vinyls are big enough and in easy to see spots.
  8. You can customise them with your business’s logo design to reinforce the branding and grab the attention of possible new customers.
  9. Vinyl design should be bold, concise and simple, as most people only spend a few seconds reading a sign.
  10. There are plenty of options to choose from. Cut out vinyls are good for logos in shop windows, opening times and more; printed vinyls can be used on walls, windows and any smooth surfaces; whilst etched vinyls let light in whilst maintaining a bit of privacy.

If your business needs a revamp or just a bit of help in the marketing department, don’t hesitate to order some vinyl banners. They can save you money, they last a long time and they’re easily moulded to your brands needs.