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Aluminium Tray Signs

Commonly known in the signage industry as a biscuit tin lid, the sign trays are made of aluminum making it lightweight but strong and durable. Its composition allows the sign to be open to many different methods of construction and displays.

Aluminium sign trays are suitable for both indoors and outdoors making them the perfect signage option for many things such as events, shop signage, car park signage and much more. Sign trays are one of our most popular indoor and outdoor signage options because of their durability. aluminium signs lend themselves to many different methods of construction this could be a feature such as built up letters or flat cut letters. The sign’s smooth flat surface is the perfect surface for vinyl detail, which creates more effective, and eye-catching signage. Aluminium sign trays can be cut to size and are available in a wide range of standard colours.

At Dock Street signs we believe aluminium signs in Leeds are a simple and effective signage solution. We offer aluminium signs trays in a range of standard colours. The signs are cut to exact sizes to suit clients. We can add built up letters, flat cut letters and vinyl detail. We can also stencil cut your sign and add lights to illuminate your sign, which helps it to stand out more.

Our aluminium signs are available with a matt or gloss finish and with a range of options for displaying your logo and wording.

So if you are looking for aluminium sign trays in Leeds then fill in the quote form below and we will get back to you with a price. Alternatively call 01133226442 or email We also offer other external signage, internal signs, rigid mediavinyl and event media.

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