Dock Street Signs

Corporate & Office Signage

If you are looking to make a positive impression on clients, then having the proper signage can help in achieving that professional look. Customised corporate signage is ideal for branding and providing helpful directions throughout the workspace. Depending on the nature of your business, you can have your office signage made to whatever design and specification that best matches your corporate image.

Outdoor Signage

For companies that require outdoor landmarking, signage like monolith signs, post and panel signs, illuminated signs, and acrylic letter signs are ideal for directing clients to the location of the business. In larger sizes, they can allow for easy identification of the buildings where the offices are located. For corporate offices that own the entire property, signage can begin right from the entrance, with more providing direction to parking areas. Acrylic letter signs and illuminated signs can also be applied to the side or entrance wall of the building to serve as an identifier.

Interior Signage

Corporate offices are sometimes located in multi-tenant buildings. This means having to include signage on directories so that clients and other parties can identify what floor the business is on. Just the name of the company is enough so it can be listed beneath the applicable floor number.

Once on the floor of the business or wherever the offices start, the name of the company can again be indicated on signage at the entrance. This can also be done on the wall behind the reception area. corporate offices like to keep the designs simple and professional. Often there is a desire to be consistent with how the name is displayed as on letterheads and business cards. This often means a similar font is used.

Within the offices, signage may also be needed to label individual offices and departments. They can also be used to label amenities like office cafeterias, bathrooms, server rooms, and stores. Some corporate offices are also large enough for corporate events to be hosted on-site. That means there will also be a need for temporary signage like roll-up banners to publicise occasions.

Why Corporate Signage

For both indoor and outdoor environments that require corporate signage, it is important to be careful about image. Using signs that complement the look the company is going for will help with branding and consequently make the right impression on onlookers.

Whatever the choice of design for the signs, it is vital to keep a professional look that conveys the required information. The more easily clients and staff can interpret the signage, the more at ease and confident they will be navigating their way around.

Not only does installing good signage help with clients, but its sleek appearance can also help instil pride in staff. Working in a professionally designed environment makes people proud to be part of the team as this fa├žade also adds to their image. Providing your team with a suitable environment in which they can represent your brand will go a long way in encouraging them to act in a similarly professional manner.