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Why Choose Cut Letters & Logos

Our cut letters and logos can be made using a variety of materials including vinyl, Foamex, ACM, and acrylic. This versatility means that you can find a material that is ideally suited to whatever space you want to display the signage, be it indoors or outdoors. This also means you have more flexibility when it comes to deciding for what purpose the sign will be displayed. You can opt to have it used as wall art or wallpaper, as a floor display, on windows and more. The options are endless, giving much leeway in deciding how to showcase your business to the public.

As beautiful and timeless as the signage you create using our cut letters and logos is, it may surprise you to learn that this is an easily affordable choice for even small businesses. The results can be quick to produce, lightweight, easy to install, and durable, allowing you even greater ease.


Besides being able to choose from a variety of materials, there is also the freedom to customise the design of your signage. Unlike many other signage options that have standard fonts and sizing, our cut letters and logos can be customised in any way that you like. You can come in with a unique font that you believe will set your business apart from the competition, and we will accommodate this demand. You get to dictate the design process, so feel free to provide us with whatever inspiring ideas you have and guidelines on what you want to accomplish.

To better compete in whatever market you run your business, it is necessary to set your brand apart from the rest. With our cut letters and logos service, we can help you create signage that is unique in whatever form you prefer. Whether it is the choice of colour, font or sizing, we can work with you to develop a result that helps to distinguish your business from others.

We can also customise the letters and logos based on depth. When you add more depth to this signage, it can make for a more dramatic appearance that will draw greater attention to your business. We can also texturize the surface through powder coating or brushing for even greater appeal. Installing the signage with locators and adding illumination offers other ways to enhance your signage.


Some variations of our signage can be relied upon to be long-lasting or even permanent. We make use of lamination to protect the materials used like vinyl and ensure that the letters and logos retain their appearance in the long run. Even when exposed to harsh elements, this signage remains durable and an investment you are assured offers excellent value for money.

Ease of Installation

The installation of our lightweight but durable cut letter and logos can be easily done. Whether the lettering is to be installed flush against a surface or using locators to give them more depth, the process is simple. All you need are the letters, a template, suitable adhesive, and/or locators. While the work may be simple, we usually recommend a professional installation for business premises to ensure correct arrangement and a neat finish. Our team will deliver a perfect result that will leave you satisfied.

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