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Flat Panels

Our flat panels can help benefit businesses in numerous ways, from advertising to giving directions. They can help give a business a boost financially, provide useful information to customers, and create appealing aesthetics. Regardless of your needs, our team of expert designers can give you the flat panels you need.

Our team can deliver quality flat panels in just about any design you like. You can choose from many colours, and you can also choose between a matt or gloss finish. We can also make flat panels in any shape or size you need.

How To Use Flat Panels?

Flat panels can be used in just about any business and can be adhered to a wide range of surfaces. Some of the most popular uses for flat panels include the following:


Branding will help ensure your customers feel a connection with you, encouraging them to buy from you again. With help from flat panels, you can help ensure consistent branding throughout your business, enhancing your marketing efforts.


Flat panels can be used to place ads in strategic positions around your business premises. They can be placed in prime locations where they will be seen, helping to encourage more sales. The cost of a well-designed ad will usually be more than recouped by the additional revenue they generate.


Flat panels are ideal for giving directions and other useful information to your customers or anybody else on your premises. For example, you can use flat panels to direct people to the right department or maybe let them know where the nearest bathroom is.

Note that our flat panels are suitable for use indoors or outdoors and can withstand exposure to the British weather. We use only the best quality materials to help ensure the best results every time.

Count On Us for Quality

Our expert team will create the best quality flat panels every time. You can count on our designers to create eye-catching designs that will prove beneficial to your business, whether they are signalled for advertising or to be informative.

Our flat panels are made from high-quality 3mm aluminium composite material. As such, they will remain in great condition for years to come, looking as good as new for long after they are installed. Our team will also install your flat panels for you, or you could install them yourself.

In addition to quality materials and workmanship, our designers also understand branding and know how to create an ad or other material that will push all the right buttons.

Get In Touch

Our team of friendly and professional staff are ready and waiting to help you. Our designers will work closely with you to help ensure we deliver precisely what you need with any design of your choosing. Naturally, you can also tap into our vast experience so your flat panels have the desired effect.

Dock Street Signs also offers a range of other signs from window vinyl, roller banners, illuminated signs, and more. Our team is happy to let you know how any of our services will help your business flourish.

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