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Printed Hoarding

Construction sites provide an excellent opportunity to use the perimeter fencing for marketing purposes. Printed hoarding can also be used in interior complexes and buildings where renovations works are being done. It can be used by the project owners to advertise about the upcoming building or even rented out as advertising space to other businesses. It is an expansive surface that can even accommodate multiple promotional materials.

It is a great way for project owners to make some money while construction is ongoing, while also providing a more interesting and attractive appearance to what are often dreary-looking construction sites. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to what kind of designs to use. You can be as creative or simplistic as you want with the designs.

Printed hoarding is typically made from composite materials that are durable and therefore able to withstand external exposure. They are customised in size to ensure they adequately cover plain fencing. Their designs can often be done in hi-resolution graphics that are eye-catching and highly suitable for advertising purposes.

Why Printed Hoarding

For the project owners, it is an opportunity to capitalise on available space for advertising. They can market their own building that is under construction so that onlookers that are around and tracking progress can be encouraged to investigate further.

Given the expanse of perimeter fencing, much information can be shared including what kind of development it is, what it will look like on completion and contact details for those interested in leasing or buying. Information sharing on this medium is rivalled only by billboards.

The tough materials used to make printed hoarding can also help discourage theft. They make it harder to break through the fencing, adding another layer of security to the construction site. It can also help in keeping construction debris contained within the worksite. By serving as a barrier to dust and other loose debris, hoarding helps to prevent neighbouring businesses from being interfered with by the construction work going on.

Since many construction projects can take even years to be completed, this space does not have to be totally devoted to marketing the project. In areas of high traffic, it can also be used to advertise for others. Being on street level, it will be easily visible to those on foot or slow-moving vehicular traffic. This can provide the project owners with an additional revenue stream.

The hi-resolution graphics that can be used on this hoarding can help to discourage vandals. When there is a lot of blank fencing, it is normal to see graffiti plastered. When the space is occupied with material that makes it difficult to see graffiti, these taggers can feel it is not worth the effort. The composite material used can include anti-graffiti laminate for this purpose.

This ensures a more presentable environment for others. It also helps make the area look more attractive. Construction sites tend to be boring and noisy. Applying printed hoarding helps take care of at least one of these problems.

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