Dock Street Signs

Signs for Schools & Education

Finding your way around campus is made easier with signage. Schools have many classrooms, departments, and sometimes buildings that can be complex to navigate.

With suitable signage, students, faculty, support staff, and visitors are capable of understanding the layout and what direction they should take to get to where they want to. Signage can also be used for labelling classrooms, halls, bathrooms and so on. This way people can verify they are at the right place.

Such buildings are required to have emergency exits and areas where fire equipment can be accessible. Signage can help to label these areas. They can also be used to share inspirational messages that help boost school spirit and morale.

Outdoor Signage

Acrylic letter signage, monolith signs, and post and panel signs are often used in outdoor areas of schools and other educational facilities. They can indicate parking areas and provide directions to different buildings. They can also be used to indicate the name of the school in areas beyond the property. PVC banners and feather flags are often brought out during occasions like sporting events, graduations, and concerts.

For campuses that accommodate evening classes and late-night use of libraries and other facilities, it is advisable to invest in illuminated signage. Besides being attractive, this signage is more easily visible in the dark. Just as with other signage, it can be customized in a variety of colours and illumination effects that make it more in keeping with school colours.

Many schools also tend to have commemorative plaques and monuments that require some form of labelling to understand what or who is being honoured.

Indoor Signage

Indoor signs can also be used for wayfinding, allowing even new visitors to the campus to find their way to whatever office they want. Directory signs for each floor can help visitors better pinpoint where they want to go. Foamex signs are another good option for directional signs that indicate fire exits and fire assembly points. The material is weatherproof, water and UV repellent, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

As a means of uplifting school spirit and providing helpful reminders to students, indoor signage can also be used to convey such messaging. It could be a motivational quote from a notable figure or signs reminding students of the importance of good attendance.

Signage can also be used to label functional areas like the reception and bathrooms. Where lockers are in use, signage is also used to label each one in sequence so that students can easily find the one allocated to them. Similarly, the labelling of classrooms is a must to allow for easy navigation.

Why Signage

Many types of signage can be used in and around school buildings. The key purpose is to aid wayfinding to whatever place on campus that people want to get to and convey important messages that will guide and motivate students. Aided by directional signs and directories, people can easily get around even the most complex layouts.

Signage can also be used to label rooms so that people can identify the appropriate classrooms, labs and so on. They can also find amenities like bathrooms when needed. If there are places that students and other visitors should be prohibited from accessing, signage can be used to indicate for them to keep out. In case of emergencies, certain signs can also help in finding exits.

There is a wide variety of options that can be used for signage, making it possible to find useful and affordable signs that meet the needs of schools. All this can be done using school colours, coat of arms, and whatever identifiable markers to ensure clear affiliation.