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For brick and mortar businesses that have shop fronts, first impressions count for a lot. This is often the first time a new potential customer comes in direct contact with the business and it becomes necessary to ensure it is a positive experience.

Shop front signage is about marking the location of the business and branding. Whether people are finding the location while on foot or in a vehicle, there needs to be prominent signage that makes it easy to verify where the store is at a glance.

Acrylic letters on the wall, Dibond signs, illuminated signage, and hanging signs are some of the most commonly used options that can be customised in a variety of ways. This signage can also be used for informational purposes. So, besides identifying the shop by its name, additional details like the type of business and slogan can be added.

Banner signs can also be used at the shop front for promotional purposes like advertising an event or sales event. They are typically situated below the shop front signage or just at the entrance to the store.

Tips for Shop Front Signs

Ensure that the design you use for your signage is in keeping with the nature of your business. You can get creative by incorporating the business logo or other imagery in your signage to make a good impression on onlookers.

If you do not have a good idea of what kind of signage to use, take inspiration from other businesses in the same niche that is successful in your area and beyond. You can also consult with the sign maker to help develop a unique sign that will impress.

Also, ensure that the wording is easily readable. Font size is key. Your sign should be easy to read from a distance without being overly large. Ensure that the wording contrasts sharply with the background. This also will help make the words easier to read. This contrast is also helpful when you consider how much harder it is to distinguish writing in both bright and dark conditions.

If incorporating additional information on the signage, keep it brief. People have a short attention span when looking at signage so you need to ensure they are consuming all the information at a glance. However, even if being brief, make your message inviting so that people feel welcomed and more eager to step through the door. Also, ensure that you share vital information. Besides indicating what the nature of your business is, also include operating hours and days.

To support branding efforts, ensure that your signage remains clearly visible, even if your store is closed. As long as your shop front faces the street, there will constantly be people passing by. Letting them absorb information about your business as they go by can turn them into potential customers when they someday have a need for the products or services you offer. The regular viewing of the signage will make them feel like your business is familiar to them and may prompt them to come in.

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