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What Are Dibond Signs?

Dibond signs are an excellent choice for personal or commercial advertisements. These aluminum signs are ideal for individuals or companies that want to create awareness in all nooks and crannies of a locality or city.

Since printing diamond signs is with high resolution, light-fast, and waterproof inks, the products are super-strong, wind-resistant, and suitable for all weather.

Dibond signs will be visible and relevant for many years to come, allowing you to make your voice known with a custom logo of preference for a longer time.

Dibond is composed of a flexible polyethylene core that is coated on both sides with thin aluminum sheets, resulting in a lightweight but stiff material.

It is perfect for your signage project because it is long-lasting, solid, and serves as an excellent canvas for great visuals.

Let’s get familiar with the characteristics and benefits of aluminum Dibond signage in the remainder of this article.

Characteristics of the Dibond Signs

Within, the Dibond sign is often used for a custom interior business design or to complete a signature look. And on the other hand, it is best known for its outdoor applications and resistance to some elements.

These aluminum signs have some other quality features you need to consider if you intend to use them for a company, individual outreach, or advertisements. These include:

#1. Shape

Straight lines, triangles, rectangles, orderly squared, curvy, or bent to form are all possibilities for Dibond Signs. That is, you have the flexibility to choose a custom shape that suits your budget and related needs.

#2. Size

You may also choose the size that you believe is best for your needs. These aluminum signs come in a variety of sizes, such as:

  • A4 (297 x 210 mm)
  • A4 (420 x 297 mm)
  • A3 (420 x 297 mm
  • A2 (594 x 420 mm)
  • A1 (841 x 594 mm)
  • A0 (1189 x 841 mm)

#3. Color and Design

You can print your aluminum Dibond signs in a variety of colors and designs. A Dibond sign can be customized with several color choices and can be printed with logos, images, and artwork.

Benefits Of Dibond Signs

Imprinting on Dibond is overwhelmingly utilized for outside signage where a decent quality material is needed to rearward in the open-air components. Regardless of whether it’s an occasion or a window show that calls for excellent symbolism, Dibond sheets are fit.

Furthermore, it is rustproof, rot-proof, and chemical resistant. It’s ideal for conveying long-lasting messages or information.

The finish is a high-quality lacquer that guarantees smooth and high-quality printing, making it an excellent choice for almost all businesses.

Regardless of climate change, aluminum signs maintain their form and respectability. Also, cleaning is easy and fast by extracting coarse soil with a pressing factor washer and then cleaning with a fluid cleanser and a fabric or a wipe.


Aluminum signs are often used for shop signs, supermarket signage, menu sheets, retail location signage, and show designs.

A beautiful show of your branding and designs printed on a quality Dibond sign is simple to create and a high-quality method of promoting your business.