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Window & Frosted Vinyl

Many offices and other workplaces have large work areas separated by windows and glass doors. While this will help make a room feel bright and open, it can also leave areas exposed with anybody able to look in and see what others are doing. One solution is to use frosted vinyl, which will help restrict how much people can look into separate offices.

Not only will our frosted window vinyl help provide some privacy, but it will also look great, helping make your workplace appear professional. We can also work in a range of colours for aesthetics as well as functionality.


Alternatively we can print full colour printed graphics for application on the inside or outside of the windows.

Flexibility of Window Vinyl

Vinyl is a flexible material to work with, meaning our designers can get creative. Vinyl can be cut to any shape or size, meaning no job is too large or too small for us. Being able to cut vinyl accurately also means you can choose between intricate designs or something more straightforward.

In addition to frosted windows, our team can also create and install vinyl with your company name, logo, and other details. Other potential uses of window vinyl include:

Window Graphics

Windows typically offer a large area that can be used for advertising, helping to boost sales and revenue. Our team can create window ads of any size, while we can also handle complex, colourful designs.

Brightening Up

If your place is looking a little dull, our vinyl can help brighten the place up. We can make vinyl with vivid designs that will help catch people’s eyes and make your business appealing.

Hide Unsightliness

If you have a wall or something else that’s making your business appear unsightly, our team can help. Our vinyl can be applied to walls and other surfaces to help temporarily cover unsightliness, helping keep your business attractive to potential customers.

Wall Art

Wall art can help to brighten up any room, and our vinyl can create fine quality wall art. Our team can handle complex designs, giving you the freedom to choose which wall art you want to be installed.

Results from Window Vinyl

Whether it’s frosted windows or any other service, you can count on our team to deliver quality results every time. Our team of designers will ensure your windows and walls look fantastic. Our designers can also make impressive vinyl creations that will help your business stand out from the rest.

Our vinyl comes with self-adhesive, helping to make it relatively easy to apply. However, we advise letting our experts apply the vinyl for the best results. We also use quality materials and workmanship, meaning your vinyl will look great for months or years to come. Not only that, but our team will work closely with you to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

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