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Pop Up Exhibition Stands

When hosting an exhibition, trade show, or other events, you will find that pop-up displays make for a useful tool for marketing purposes. Conveniently portable and lightweight, they can be easily transported to and from events.

As their name suggests, setting them up is easy as the frame simply pops up and is held in place using magnetic rods. Despite their lightweight construction, these displays come with magnetic bars in the frame that help give the display strength and stability.

When made in vivid colours and with high-resolution graphics, they make for a good focal point that can easily attract the attention of event-goers. This makes them highly impactful and ideal for helping to attract more people to your booth. Larger sized displays tend to be curved while straight pop up displays are smaller.

With larger sized displays, a lot of information can be showcased on them. From brand messaging to instructions on how to use products, they provide a helpful background against which you can carry out other marketing activities. Many event-goers are hesitant to ask questions and prefer booths or stands that already display plenty of information that allows them to learn more about the brand and what it has to offer them. Be sure to incorporate helpful marketing information like the business e-commerce address, QR codes and other contact details.

When carefully handled and stored, these displays can have a long life span. It is advisable to store and transport them in a case to limit exposure. They are ideally used in indoor environments so avoid anything that would cause scratching and other damage.

Why Pop Up Exhibition Stands

Their portable nature means that even one person can transport and set them up. This can be done quickly, giving you enough time to set up the rest of your booth. They can be customised in a variety of sizes, meaning you can have them fit into even small spaces if desired.

The materials used in their fabrication are highly durable. A pop-up exhibition stand can end up being used for years if carefully handled. The materials retain their vivid colour and graphics well, providing excellent value for money.

They are also a highly affordable type of display to have made. From small to large businesses, an investment in this kind of display is welcome given the low cost. It can however be most beneficial to new and small businesses looking to make an impact at exhibition events. Their affordability also means you can more easily afford to order different graphic panels that you can interchange. This can help in adding variation to your setup and stir attendees’ interest.

Using pop up displays during events helps to give stands a more professional look. Having a bare-bones booth or stand means putting up a lacklustre performance. If you want to attract the right kind of attention, invest in quality pop up exhibition stands that are in keeping with what your brand stands for. Use the colourful display to draw in a crowd, share information, and impress.

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