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Stickers have become an increasingly popular option for signage. Not only are they easy to apply to just about any smooth surface, but they are also highly affordable. The application process is simple as you just need to peel off the backing to expose the adhesive layer and press it to whatever surface. Always remember to apply the adhesive side to a clean surface for better sticking. The design of the sticker is on the front side and will be applied to materials like vinyl, paper or aluminium.

The images can be high resolution in any colour. The sizing of stickers tends to be on the small side and can often be used for decoration on laptops, bottles, and notebooks. They can also be easily displayed on windows and walls. Their affordability often sees them being used as promotional items or giveaways. Businesses that have creative and easily recognisable logos will often use that as the design for the sticker.

Their small size often means they are often ordered in large numbers that come off a roll. It is not typically viable to buy just one sticker. They can also be die-cut in a variety of shapes that conform with whatever logo design. Any variety of shapes, sizes and effects can be easily reproduced when making stickers.

Paper stickers tend to be less durable, however, those made of vinyl have a UV and weather resistant finish that makes them more suitable for outdoor use. Vinyl is also ideal for displaying sharp graphic designs that showcase brilliance well.

Vinyl stickers are also a good option when you want to apply them to floors. They are durable and can therefore withstand recurrent stepping over even in high traffic locations like retail stores. These stickers help provide guidance to specific areas and for indicating social distancing. This kind of signage is easy to spot and self-explanatory.

Why Stickers

One of the best aspects of stickers is that they can be easily applied and removed. They are typically applied to smooth surfaces like plastic and glass. Once they have served their purpose, it is easy to peel them off and clean the surface. This means you can use them for temporary displays or signage and quickly dispose of them after without having to worry about structural damage.

The application process for stickers is also quite easy as all you have to do is take off the paper backing and press the sticker onto the desired surface. Even when being removed, you simply need to pull off the sticker and clean what little residue is left behind.

They offer a reasonable shelf life of several years, meaning you get to enjoy good value for money with this signage. You however get more longevity when you opt for vinyl stickers that are used indoors rather than outdoors.

Though only two dimensional, stickers can be made in a variety of designs, colours, sizing, and shapes. Their versatility means you can use them to bring out a wide range of designs, including die cuts.

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