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Tips To Designing A Killer Sign

You have a brilliant signage idea, but you’re not sure how to transform it into a killer sign? We know that getting your sign noticed can be quite the challenge, but the satisfaction of seeing it up and running makes it all worth it.

Take the following 7 tips into account next time you’re designing a sign to make sure it gets noticed.

1. Decide on the Signage Type

Before creating the entire design, decide what kind of sign would your idea fit better. Each of them has its own purpose – billboards are best used for ads, offers or awareness, posters are best used for awareness, while a storefront window vinyl can entice the passers-by to enter the store.

2. Choose the Best Materials

There are two reasons for not creating your sign with anything less than the best materials: one – you want your customers to associate you with high-quality service, and two – they’re easier to maintain and are more durable. Signs also need maintenance and designing them with poor-quality materials will make them wear out more quickly.

3. Work on Contrast

Once you’ve chosen the best materials, it’s time to get your sign noticed. The contrast between the background and the text is the most important in this matter. Blue text on a navy blue background is one of the low-contrast examples that will not attract customers. On the other hand, yellow text on black background is the easiest to read.

4. Keep the Message Simple

Too much text or many images will bore and confuse the readers. Any sign should only contain essential information, with relevant graphics. Refrain from adding all the contact details – some signs work better with the address info, while for others the phone number or the e-mail address are more suitable.

5. Don’t Add Plain Information

The main purpose of a sign – any sign – is to be persuasive. This happens when you add emotion to the text. How can you do that? Create a story around the concept, then distil it to a concise message for your sign.

6. Make Sure a Brand Element Is Visible

Some creators are so thrilled about their idea they forget adding the logo or another brand identity element to the mix. The downside here is that you catch their attention and interest, but they will never know it was you. If you don’t want to throw money out the window, make sure your brand’s name is visible on the sign.

7. Choose the Best Location for Your Sign

You may have just created the best sign ever, with a clear and sharp text, an amazing contrast and high-quality materials that send off just the right message to your customers.

Where are you going to display it?

A sign’s location is critical because if your potential customers aren’t passing or driving by that area, you may as well keep it in the storage room. Choose a spot that is frequently visited by your ideal customers to make sure they get the chance to see your sign.