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What Are the Best Colours for Business Signs?

Colour is influential and communicates very well. The shades and hues that the human eye can see have a way of setting moods everywhere and in everything.

You probably would have made some purchasing choices based on colours. Some colours appeal to you more than others.

So, you must consider the different choice of colours to choose from that will influence your potential customers. Luckily, this article focuses on some colours that are known to be ideal for advertising and outdoor signs.

Colour Meaning and Symbolism

As a designer or a business owner, it’s beneficial to know the meanings and symbolism of colours. Knowing the importance of colours can help you make informed decisions.

So, let’s look at some colours to know what they represent before concluding making that colour decision for your business signs.


The colour red catches the eye. It’s a bold colour which makes it easy to grab people’s attention. It portrays the feeling of passion, courage, and warmth.

Having red as your outdoor sign can express that your business is fearless and determined, which are great qualities for businesses. The combination of red with a different colour, such as white, will help grab people’s attention because it will make the red pop.


Yellow represents happiness and loyalty. As a bright colour, yellow has an edge of grabbing people’s attention.

On the other hand, too much yellow isn’t ideal for some people, so it needs to be complemented with a colour that will reduce its brightness a bit. For instance, blue or red.


Blue represents professionalism, maturity, and confidence. It’s one of the most popular colours used in the business space. It helps to grab client’s attention and give them the impression that you mean business.

Blue sends a message of peace when used with colours like green or a brighter tint of blue.


Orange represents creativity, warmth, and excitement. Orange is a blend between yellow and red, so it shares some representations of both colours.

It carries some of the aggression in red, but it’s more spirited and flashier due to its relationship effect yellow.

Orange has a feeling of assurance, enhances decision-making and understanding. It can also encourage people to act.


Green is mainly associated with nature, wealth, growth, and trust. Green can also depict positivity, and it is one of the more powerful colours attached to humans because it represents life in the world of nature.

Green is a common colour used in business, especially businesses that are connected to nature and the environment. But you can also apply it to other businesses.


The effectiveness of your signs plays a unique role in the success of your business. And when it comes to creating a dazzling sign for your business, colour makes a huge difference.

So, when designing your next signage, consider the emotions you want your customers to feel and select the colours that will help you achieve that.